just dial did it!

Yes, i was looking for packaging material for our coffee powder, i tried meeting some of the big packing companies in Hyderabad. problem in finalizing the packing material the order size, the minimum quantity required is around 150 kg, taking each pack 10 gm around, the No of packs would be 10*100*150= 150000. My requirement is just around 10,000 only. So i tried with just dial. I called one company, the movement i said coffee he said , Oh u require a laminated sorry we wont make it but i can guide to a company who can do it and he given his number and told me to give his reference. I immediately called up him, in 1 hour i was in his factory. he listened to me patiently and called someone and refered me to approach him . I just wanted to give the use case of justdial in real business.


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Asst.Professor (CSE)
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3 Responses to just dial did it!

  1. Seema Mukherjee says:

    JUST DIAL is kind of ‘GINNY’….because we got everything whatever we want at our door steps without wasting our precious time…MANI (Founder of JUST DIAL) you are great…keep it up!!!!

  2. Simi says:

    Justdial is indeed great if you just are smart enough to use it in everyday situations. I once wanted a huge ice box and was not sure if I wanted to visit any of the wine shops. But Justdial had even Dry Ice manufacturers listed. Think about anything and they have it in store for you. Justdial rocks!

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